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Activating deeper connections with the Ancient Wisdoms of our Enlightened Ancestors.

The result is to feel safe and grounded within one’s true self, trust in one’s Intuitive Compass, and walk a path with the realization of Peace and Purpose.

By calling upon the Enlightened Ancestral Energies that reach across all space and time, un-serving energies dissolved through (inter)generational lines can be transformed into the highest good of all, revealing and activating the True (higher) Self, ready to be cultivated through the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. 

As one of the three Master Healers that make up The Billionaires Triad, our collective mission is to unite Lightworkers across the globe to help one billion souls become grounded by the energies of peace and fulfillment. Supporting the collective to make an impact by choosing to heal ourselves, help heal others, and fulfill our Divine Contribution to aid in healing the world.


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Release + Integrate Your Past

With the use of Certified GeoLove Energy Healing Techniques (Sacred Geometry + Unconditional Love) along with other healing modalities, we call upon the wisdom and guidance of the enlightened ancestors to address the unseen: un-serving generational, cultural, and societal traumas within our family history; closing age old Karmic Cycles and healing timelines from our distant past, to the present, and beyond. 
- In The Highest Good of All - 

Clear + Revitalize
Your Body

Energy consists of all things we call "matter". Thoughts, beliefs and actions manifest on the physical level if left unaddressed. After focusing and integrating our past into our present, we focus on how to feel better NOW.

Feeling better is achieved through cleaning up the diet, daily exercises like QiGong and spiritual cultivation. It can also be greatly enhanced using a specific GeoLove technique to achieve energy cleansing down to the muscular, organ, DNA, and cellular levels.

Activate + Free
Your Soul

The search for our purpose in life can seem unending. However, when we activate and re-connect to the divine wisdom of our soul, whose knowledge transcends all space and time, we are guided one breadcrumb after another to understanding why we are here in this incarnation. Spiritual Activation opens up the ability for us to choose to cultivate our innate spiritual gifts and align with our True Divine Purpose.

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