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My Story


Ashley is Bermuda's first Geo Love Master Healer, certified Blue Dragon Medical Qigong Practitioner founder of the Spiritual Ascension Accelerator and Co-Founder of The Billionaires Triad.

Spiritually initiated by a near death experience (NDE) at birth, resulting in minor but permanent brain damage (CP), Ashley was destined to live life as a highly sensitive person with deep empathic abilities. Feeling trapped in mental, emotional and social turmoil, most often aligning as the proverbial “black sheep” growing up, Ashley’s loneliness and need to belong cultivated a strong desire to seek out a higher purpose. She yearned to heal the physical, generational, cultural and ancestral patterns of suffering experienced within her own life.

Along her healing journey, she was led to study the knowledge and practices of the ancients which helped identify the root cause of her suffering, her “disability” Cerebral Palsy, and begin to cultivate the divine wisdom, power and connection to transform it into a divine superpower.

As a devoted wife, homeschooling mother of two and entrepreneur, her purpose is to cultivate the vibration of peace and unity, and embody generational change everyday.

In her practice, Ashley holds healing space for others to feel safe, comfortable and confident in everyday life. To learn to trust one’s Inner Compass of Intuitive Gifts and walk a path of Peace and Purpose.

I have always been passionate about helping and supporting others and am so blessed to have arrived here - to serve in my Divine Purpose. It is truly an honor to share my story with you, in hopes that it resonates. My words to you are heartfelt and are meant to be uplifting and inspirational so that you may feel the desire to learn, align and grow into the most enlightened version of yourself.

As an adult, I truly believe that every single person has a divine purpose in life; however, this wasn’t always the case. Like many inquisitive children, the biggest question was “why?”. For many of us, this question would go unanswered. This scenario was among the many emotional and physical traumas I had experienced dating back to at time before I was even born. 

Negotiating life as a highly sensitive person (hyper empath) has had its challenges. Sensing I was different and feeling like the black sheep of our multicultural family, layered with being raised in a society ill-equipped to teach the masses the truth of who and what we are, led me to shut down my naturally occurring spiritual gifts very early in life. This brought on feelings of loneliness, fear, and isolation. What I didn't know back then, is that we all, collectively, experience this in some form and circumstance that is uniquely ours, and it is NOT our fault OR anyone else’s. 
The truth is that for many generations, society has taught us a lot about how things work on the outside through our physical senses. 

  • What about the inside: our spiritual senses, intuition, and ability to arouse ancient intellect? 

  • Where and how are all things manifested and created in our lives? 

  •  And most importantly, how can we tap into creating and manifesting all the good we desire for ourselves and others?


These were just some of the questions that led me to where I am today.

My burning desire for clarity and purpose, without the generations of harmful societal thoughts, beliefs and ideas that were impressed upon me, set in motion a powerful intention to "break free".  My ancestors (intuition) responded, leading me down an endless path of self discovery that includes:

Meeting the love of my life at 18 years old

Becoming a doula and home birth advocate

Enrolling in spiritual classes with The Ausar Auset Society Bermuda and acquiring the "Knowledge of Self"

Continually studying myself and the reasons why I act and react in the specific ways that I do, especially during life’s most emotionally challenging moments

Learning from leaders in the personal growth industry through Mindvalley quests

Purging stagnant energy with yoga, and learning about how my body was compensating deeply embedded birth trauma through Anatomy Trains and Fascia work.

Practicing Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong - an ancient holistic practice, rooted in the science of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and allows me to address the physical imbalances of my cerebral palsy. 
Unveiling my ability to Energy Heal through my teacher Oliver Nino and becoming a certified Geo Love Master Healer.


These highlights of the immense growth I’ve experienced are a beautiful merging of my human and divine stories. It’s important for me to mention that I did not always define my journey like this. The truth is I continued to doubt myself and feel horrible about my circumstances. However, while my outside circumstances had not yet shifted, I was shifting mentally, emotionally, and energetically through cultivating my true self. I was making progress. The newly acquired knowledge, awareness and understanding had provided the catalyst to grow through and release past ways of thinking, acting and feeling. Although immensely difficult at times, having the courage to choose this process is what led me further on the journey of becoming The Ancestral Activator.

The journey to find myself has not changed. Rather, it has evolved to place me in a position to help you discover who you really are. The path of enlightenment will allow you to shed the energies you no longer need, yet are holding you in an undesired place. It’s time to lovingly release the invisible forces (energy) that have been impressed upon you and your family for many generations. Allow me to assist with the movement and closure of Karmic cycles, and to hold space for to make the necessary changes for a better and brighter future for you, your families and for those yet to come.

I am so looking forward to meeting you!

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