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  • What is Energy Healing? And what is GeoLove?
    Energy Healing is based in physics. We are living in a time that science has proven that all things (including us) are made of energy and vibrate at certain frequency. Energy cannot be destroyed but transformed into different forms. This has been known and understood by our ancestors through various ancient mystery schools and wisdoms. GeoLove is a energy healing certification program created by leading energy expert Oliver Nino, The Spiritual Activator. Training includes becoming proficient in using techniques of symbols based in nature: Sacred Geometry + Unconditional Love - to heal self, heal others and heal the world. Ashley completed the Level 3, Master Healer Certification at the end of 2021. She was guided by Oliver to heal in the highest good of all with the intention to be a conduit of the Divine to help remove and transmute un-serving (low-vibe) energies down to the cellular and DNA levels, throughout all space and time.
  • What is Ancestral and (inter)Generational Healing? Why should I heal my Generational Lines?
    We already understand that 1. Everything is energy, connecting all things and 2. Energy cannot be destroyed Knowing this, we can safely say that energy is passed down through our ancestral and generational lines down the cellular and DNA levels. If not resolved and transmuted with unconditional love, these destructive invisible energies can be fueling blocks and unexplained trauma/anxiety in your life today. Ashley has had advanced training with GeoLove to use certain sacred geometry techniques to access all time, dimensions, spaces and realities - to release inherited, un-serving energies down to the cellular and DNA levels. Performing Energy Healings on your generational and ancestral lines helps you on your path of Spiritual Ascension and Cultivation. Once completed, you are able to identify destructive cycles and patterns showing up in your life today and will have the power to choose to BE the change, not only elevating your life into brighter future but also elevating generations to come. If you are reading this, you were led here to fulfill your Soul Purpose to elevate the consciousness of you, your family, community and humanity by doing this important work today.
  • What is Spiritual Ascension?
    During a healing, dense, un-serving energies are removed and transmuted from your energy body/aura and even down to the DNA and cellular levels of your physical body. Once removed in the highest good, your frequency is elevated, resonating with your higher, Authentic Self. You are able to feel and/or sense the connection with your soul and the souls of the enlightened ancestors. This is the activation of Spiritual Ascension. Once activated, Spiritual Ascension is spending time to focus cultivating this connection to have the confidence to choose, trust and follow the guidance presented through your activated spiritual gifts, living a life aligned in divine purpose.
  • What is Spiritual Activation?
    This is a advanced GeoLove technique using layered sacred geometry symbols to awaken your spiritual gifts down to the cellular and DNA levels. As a conduit of the Divine, Ashley holds space for the gifts to be activated based on your individual journey. One or more gifts are revealed at a time to be cultivated and understood at a pace that is uniquely yours.
  • How do Virtual Sessions Work?
    Ashley works with clients via Zoom that is available on any mobile device or computer. After scheduling your session or program, you will receive the information to join the call via email.
  • What can I expect from a 1 to 1 session with Ashley?
    Once scheduled, you will receive an email with more information about how to prepare for the upcoming healing. Each session is unique and tailored to the individuals intention. At the beginning of the call, Ashley will discuss your intention with you to align in the highest good. She will explain what to expect during the healing, ask you to get into a comfortable position and commence with a guided meditation and/or libation. The healing will be performed with music playing and Ashley's camera will be turned off, it will last between 25 - 60 minutes. Once the music has ended, Ashley will bring you back using her voice and discuss your experience and answer any questions you may have.
  • Is this like Reiki?
    While Reiki is a similar modality in the energy healing space, GeoLove healing is a different modality using ageless sacred geometry symbols found in nature and mathematics. The main intention is to be led by a higher intelligence to aid in your natural ability to heal, in the highest good of all.
  • What can I expect after a healing?
    Each individual experience is different after a healing. Think of yourself as being stretched into a expanded state, it can take time to adjust to an increased awareness, elevated consciousness and frequency. You may feel relief and improvement on some levels. When a shift is experienced, there can also be a period of discomfort as you settle into the new frequency, or what is commonly called, ascension symptoms: physical detox, headaches, fatigue, surfacing of buried emotions etc. Compassion, understanding and self care is paramount during this time. Remember you are always protected by your higher self. Ashley recommends drinking plenty of water, taking salt baths, taking time off, solitude, napping, dancing, exercise etc. can help honor your journey and move the energy through you so it doesn't get "stuck". When people experience any growth/ success in life there is generally some discomfort involved. Once improvement is experienced, generally the discomfort and changes are seen as "worth it" as you gain higher awareness and lasting results. We invite you to monitor your progress (journal) to observe any changes you experience. Observe the small nuances in your responses and reactions to triggers of the past and relish in the incremental shifts. Gratitude helps promote your Spiritual Ascension and Cultivation into your higher self!
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