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Unlock Your Spiritual Potential with the Spiritual Ascension Accelerator++

A Revolutionary 5-Session Journey to Transform Your Energy and Further Awaken Your Inner Gifts

Are You Ready to Experience a Profound Transformation and Break Free from Life's Invisible Burdens?

Discover The Spiritual Ascension Accelerator++, your gateway to profound spiritual growth and balance. This unique five-session bundle is designed to unlock your untapped potential, cleanse your energy body, and activate your spiritual gifts.


Elevate your energy and step into state of perfect balance. This is more than just a service; it's a pathway to a new you.

Through advanced sacred geometry techniques and deep energetic work, this program addresses the dense, un-serving energies within your energy body, leading to healing and spiritual awakening.

What This Journey Entails:

​Full Chakra and Energy Body/Aura Clearing:

Start your journey with a deep energetic cleansing, setting the stage for true transformation.

Unconditional Love Immersion:

Bathe in the healing energies of unconditional love, fostering a sense of peace and acceptance.

Total Forgiveness and Timeline Reset + Karmic Grid Access:

Break free from past constraints and access the Karmic Grid to resolve ancestral patterns.

Physical Body Healing with Geo Love Sacred Geometry:

Address physical imbalances using advanced sacred geometry techniques, from your bones to your DNA.

Cellular and DNA Activation:

Awaken and harness your dormant spiritual gifts for a more enlightened existence.

Transformative Benefits Await You

Release and Clear Unwanted Energies | Awaken Dormant Spiritual Gifts | Balance and Harmonize Your Being

Why Choose The Spiritual Ascension Accelerator++?

Directly Addresses Your Needs:

Each session is tailored to confront and heal generational traumas and elevate your spiritual awareness.

Proven Techniques:

Experience the transformative power of sacred geometry and solfeggio music vibrations, trusted by many on their spiritual journey.

Extended One-on-One Support:

Receive 33 days of personalized mentorship, ensuring your path to ascension is clear and supported.

Hear From Those Transformed:

"After having a complementary group healing with Ashley, I was in a high vibrational state and had vivid dreams that night. I knew I had to have a session with Ashley and signed up for the bundle. She revealed some things to me about myself that I had not realized, but they totally resonated with me once brought to my attention. When doing sessions online, I can confirm that Ashley tapped into my field online and we actually went deep into "knowing"... accessing profound knowledge and wisdom." - Horace Tucker, Bermuda

"Thank you Beautiful. I feel so good after our sunrise session on the beach. So light. So calm. So balanced. So grateful." - Mara Zanfagna, Bermuda

Take Action Today: Your Path to Ascension Awaits

[Book Your Bundle Now] and embark on this transformative journey. Limited spots available to ensure personalized attention.

Your Journey Includes

33 Days of One-on-One Support:

Personalized mentorship to guide you through your transformation.

Post-Session Insights and Reflections:

Deepen your understanding and integration of each session.

Access to Exclusive Online Resources:

Enhance your journey with additional tools and support.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in the transformative power of the Spiritual Ascension Accelerator++ that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel a profound shift, we’ll work with you to make it right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I see results?

Every client experience is different. Some feel and see results rather quickly, within the same day or the day after. For some it takes a few days or even more to notice the subtle, yet profound, changes in their awareness. Ultimately, it's up to the individual to embrace the journey for what it brings to them.

Can this help with specific personal challenges?

Yes! Before each session we will set an intention to address any specifics that are coming up for you. Whether it be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. Then, we get into receiving mode, so we can gain better clarity around what practices to put into place to help shift the challenge(s) in the highest good.

Is this suitable for beginners in spiritual practices?

If you are being called for deeper spiritual work, and are fully ready to commit to growth, then of course! If you are just curious, I recommend you begin with the Rapid Energy Clear + Go Session, to experience a simple Geo Love Healing aimed to raise your awareness and vibration.

Ready to Transform?

Spaces are limited, and the journey to a more spiritually aligned life is just a click away. Don’t miss this opportunity to awaken your inner spiritual power.

[Book Your Spot Now – Limited Availability]

Have questions? Reach out to us for more details.

Embrace this opportunity.
Your journey towards spiritual ascension and inner balance starts with the Spiritual Ascension Accelerator++.

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“Ancestral healing was new to me; however, upon divinely meeting Ashley I knew that I was ready to reveal and release inherited wounds that were no longer serving me. Not knowing what to expect in my first session, Ashley lovingly guided me through the process and I felt at ease. After the healing session, she slowly grounded me back into the present moment and talked me through what came to her awareness. All that was revealed and released aligned so perfectly with what I had been experiencing.."
Tracie Baptiste, Bermuda
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