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Step into a sphere of like minds, who's intention is to
Seek deeper connections with inner self and the Universe

Align with the Rising Sun, and the elements of nature

Practice, share and uplift others
Heal your organs and Increase your life force vitality
with Blue Dragon Medical Qigong dancing


John Smith's Bay ~ Elbow Beach ~ Cooper's Island
Ireland Island, Sandy's + More

Indoor location: Lyceum

15 Wilkinson Avenue, Hamilton Parish [next to crystal caves]

Every weekend enjoy a gathering of like minds.

Receive a Sacred Geometry energy clearing session 
Revitalize your life force with Blue Dragon Medical Qigong dancing.

Sessions will be held weekly on either Saturday or Sunday mornings at approximately 6am.*

Freshly brewed Ginger + Lemon Tea included.**

Subscribe using the form below:

*Locations will be determined on or before Friday of each week, based on group preferences and weather forecasts

**subject to availability

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