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Activate your Spiritual Gifts+
Live Life Grounded in
Peace + Purpose.

Start date: TBD


Experience the ultimate transformation with the first ever 60 day energy healing, spiritual activation + Qi Gong immersion journey.

During this 8 week - life changing course, you will be:

  • cleared of dense, un-serving energies that are keeping you stuck and holding you back.

  • Your energy body, aura and physical body, down to the DNA and cellular levels, revitalized with more zest and energy for life.

  • address ancestral and generational traumas to illuminate destructive behavior patterns (karma), and lay the foundation for generational change.

The result, an elevated vibration and activation of a new path forward - grounded in divine wisdom, peace and purpose.

With the unique combination of Ancestral Energy Healing, Spiritual Gifts Activation and Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong, your frequency will be naturally elevated on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Building a solid connection with your Higher (True) Self that you can build upon.

This is the Activation of Spiritual Ascension.


Spiritual Ascension is Accelerated by cultivating this new connection

In order to build the confidence to trust to follow this guidance presented through your activated spiritual gifts, your life force (qi) must be increased.


This is accomplished through Qi Gong practices, self study and energetic protection.


Once formed into a daily habit over our 8 weeks together, you will experience an expanded awareness of the truth of who and what you are. With the ability to observe, identify and challenge destructive patterns that are keeping you stuck in your "problems" today.

The unique merging of Spiritual, Mental, Emotional + Physical
Energy Clearing Practices results in a
quantum leap on your journey towards health, wealth and success.

  • You will enjoy a new sense of self awareness + unconditional love within.

  • Able to receive divine guidance from your Higher Self and trust your inner compass with purpose and passion. 

  • Your physical body will be transformed through QiGong exercises backed by thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine.


By the end of the 60 days, your life will be completely shifted, you will never be the same. 


Enjoying an increase in energy levels and renewed sense of clarity grounded in purpose and destiny.

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Week #1

Our first week will take a deep dive into your story as we set intentions for this healing journey together. Although this journey will be intuitively led. I will walk you though what you can loosely expect over our 60 days together.

Most of our interaction will be over zoom and inside the private Facebook group. There will be posts pinned with details of the course schedules, replays, instructions, guidelines and more.

More importantly, this group is a safe space where we can share our wins and receive the support we need, while we navigate through the tough stuff. The container will be created with intentions of acceptance, love, compassion, understanding, patience and divine protection for smooth transitions into higher frequencies - in the Highest Good of All.

Our first Healing will set the tone with addressing any lower vibrational energies that aren't serving you. Your chakras, aura and energy body are then replenished with the highest vibrations of unconditional love and light, raising your frequency. 

Once elevated, the work begins - as any patters, people or behaviors that are not in alignment with your new vibration surface to be addressed.


We will end the session with sharing your experiences and a Q&A


I am honored to announce that we will be joined by Qi Gong Master: Sifu Åmmuåakhu Sahnerå. Housing over 30 years of study and experience in Qi Gong, Acupressure and more. He will give an overview of Qigong, how it will benefit our bodies and what to expect during classes.


In this first session, you will learn one simple QiGong movement to start warming up with, which can be used at any time to bring your body into better alignment.


Week #2


Where we keep in touch on what is coming up and I hold space for support during the process with a scheduled Q&A session. You will learn a simple energy technique to help maintain your new vibration.

Live Qigong class with Sifu Åmmuåakhu Sahnerå: Learn the basic movements of Blue Dragon Qigong Dancing.

Week #3

Physical Body Balance & Alignment with Gaia

This week during the live healing session we will dive deeper, with a specific combination of sacred geometries to clear un-serving energies within your body: organs, bones, tissues, and down to the DNA and cellular levels.

Combined with a technique that uses the elements of Earth, WInd, Fire and Water, this healing experience will help ground your new frequency into your reality, aligning with our nature and mother earth.

We will end the session with shares and a Q&A.


One live Qigong class with Sifu Åmmuåakhu Sahnerå: Putting the movements together.

Week #4


Where we keep in touch on what is coming up and I hold space for support during the process with a scheduled Q&A session. You will learn a simple energy technique to help maintain your new vibration.

Live Qigong class with Sifu Åmmuåakhu Sahnerå:  Consistency is key.

Week #5

Healing Generations, Karmic Cycles, Timelines and Total Forgiveness

In this week's live healing session we will realign with our initial intentions to stay on track, start seeing the patterns and connecting the dots. This session uses more advanced Geo Love techniques to specifically address un-serving energies to break free of your past and propel you into your ideal future: 

  • Clearing any ancestral and (inter)generational patterns of suffering 

  • Aid in the closing of karmic circles 

  • Extend total forgiveness for yourself, your family and others 

  • Clearing and condensing your timelines

We will end the session with shares and a Q&A.


One live Qigong class with Sifu Åmmuåakhu Sahnerå: 

Week #6


Where we keep in touch on what is coming up and I hold space for support during the process with a scheduled Q&A session. You will learn a simple energy technique to help maintain your new vibration.

Live Qigong class with Sifu Åmmuåakhu Sahnerå:  Consistency is key.

Week #7

Activation of Spiritual Gifts

This week I will be using a specific blend of advanced sacred geometry techniques to activate any spiritual gift(s) that are ready to be awakened at this time, lying dormant in our cellular and DNA.

As your ascension experience continues to unfold and activate over the coming weeks and months, an extra layer of protection from our enlightened ancestors will be requested through the assistance of a hidden archangel. 

We will end the session with shares and Q&A.


Live Qigong class this week with Sifu Åmmuåakhu Sahnerå:

Week #8

Follow up & New Beginnings

During our final meetup we will share in our journeys through the healing and activation process together. I will answer any specific questions you have to support you in the highest good.


Your primary spiritual gift will be revealed and all gifts will be explained. 

This is a time to celebrate new beginnings and nurture the connections you've made with lifelong soul friends, to share and support each other in the next phase of your journey.


Final live Qigong class this week with Sifu Åmmuåakhu Sahnerå:


Intuitive Coaching Call with Brandie Dingman, PhD

This healing work requires you to dig deep, so to help us through the toughest moments, I've asked my fellow Master Healer, DNA Activator and Certified IPEC Coach to provide a group coaching session.


This divinely led call will allow you the opportunity to share what's coming up for you and receive targeted support to ultimately shift the mental and emotional blocks that will be coming up.


w/ Mystic, Spiritual Life Coach & Women's Worth Activator:
Rolisa Camille

Will be offering a unique element into Spiritual Ascension, one where we connect you deeper to your divinity on a physical and sub-conscious level. 

Rolisa will walk you through how to:

1 - Invite magic and miracles in your life daily, through connecting with your heart.

2 - Use the incredibly powerful tool of your mind, to assist in your ascension, and soul's evolution


Starseed Activation



This one of a kind bonus activation session will connect you with your Starseed Origins.

Once activated, you will have an even deeper connection to one's True Self. Your frequency elevated even further to fully receive the deepest insights surrounding the truth of who and what your are. 

The result:

Increased trust in your intuitive guidance along with unwavering courage to walk the path of your best life.

A life grounded in spiritual alignment, deep meaning and destiny.

I'm Ready to Ascend.


Don't miss out on this special one time offer!

limited offer inside!!

Start date: TBD

Sifu Åmmuåakhu Sahnerå

What is Qigong?

"Qi gong is the grandparent of tai chi.


Qi gong is a system of life force or energy cultivation which can enable a person to achieve clear thinking and reasoning, focus, perseverance, courage, optimum concentration, efficient long and short memory, to ensure your callings in life and the best methods to achieve them.


It can supercharge your relationships by increasing your warmth and charisma and your ability to harmonize with others.


It can increase your mental, emotional and physical strength and endurance to work without fatigue and to persevere in the face of obstacles and obstructions.


It also helps with getting rid of bad habits by addressing the underlying cause looking for peace and happiness.


It helps in this in getting rid of the negative emotions: fear, worry, grief, depression, anger etc. These are all tied into some organ inbalance which can be corrected by doing the slow graceful movements of Qigong.


Whatever are your shortcomings procrastination, fear of failure or of success, worrying, anger, lack of self control-they will begin to see in six weeks of serious application things of the old.


Qigong will benefit professionals in holistic healing field, psychologists (clinical and theoretical), philosophers, priests, educators, martial artists and athletes, performance artist, business professionals and students on all levels who are willing to better themselves in life.


Qigong is a healing exercise that can help you to be successful in life because it helps you to get rid of negative emotions while vitalizing and healing the organs.


As you can see Qigong develops the quality of your thinking, emotions, health and therefore success and happiness.


It's what I call psychology."

Meet your Healers

We have dedicated many hours in loving surrender to the calling of service to others in our various aspiring energy healing modalities. 


“Ancestral healing was new to me; however, upon divinely meeting Ashley I knew that I was ready to reveal and release inherited wounds that were no longer serving me. Not knowing what to expect in my first session, Ashley lovingly guided me through the process and I felt at ease. After the healing session, she slowly grounded me back into the present moment and talked me through what came to her awareness. All that was revealed and released aligned so perfectly with what I had been experiencing.."
Tracie Baptiste, Bermuda
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