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Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses

Spiritual Ascension Accelerator+++

Qigong Immersion

Join the first ever 60 day transformational Healing, Spiritual Activati....


Let's have a chat!

15 min

Rapid EC+G.png

Unblock + Re-Energize your Chakras, Aura + Energy Body. 

45 min session

SAA+ (website pictures).png

Healing and Activation Bundle

(3 sessions + Mentorship)

3 x 1h 30min sessions

SAA++ (website pictures).png

Healing+Activation Bundle extended for Energy Homeostasis

(5 sessions + Mentorship)

5 x 1h 30min sessions

Anatomy Drawing
Full Body Alignment Series [+Qigong]

Address acute or chronic ailments and discomfort in the body on the DNA + Cellular Levels

(9 healing sessions + Qigong + Mentorship)

9 x 30 min healing sessions

+ targeted qigong movements

details coming soon...


“Ancestral healing was new to me; however, upon divinely meeting Ashley I knew that I was ready to reveal and release inherited wounds that were no longer serving me. Not knowing what to expect in my first session, Ashley lovingly guided me through the process and I felt at ease. After the healing session, she slowly grounded me back into the present moment and talked me through what came to her awareness. All that was revealed and released aligned so perfectly with what I had been experiencing.."
Tracie Baptiste, Bermuda
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