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You're IN !!!
Welcome to the Spiritual Ascension Accelerator+++

Firstly, I want to thank you for the commitment you've made to yourself. Not many people out there are ready to do the work needed to become the best version of themselves - high fives and applause!!
Next, I am honored to have been chosen by you, Divine Soul. Honored to have the opportunity serve you through the Spiritual Ascension Accelerator +++

This 60 day journey will be one that we will never forget!

The journey within the Spiritual Ascension Accelerator +++ is just around the corner and I am SOOO exctied for it to begin!

Here's all you need to know to get started with your journey NOW:

1. Connect to the FB Group!

Here in this group, we will be sharing in our journey together. Any updates about the live healings, Q&A's and any other important information will be shared here. So if you haven't already, request to join now and make sure you are connected.

Introduce yourself to the group with a picture or video and set your intentions for the journey. The more we support each other, the deeper and more life changing the transformation will be for us all!


2. Start imagining the possibilities of what you are to become after this program.

You will experience a huge shift and it will only be the beginning of realizing your fullest potential. There will be lots of things that will come up for you to enjoy, release, work on, change and incorporate into your life.


In saying this, I want you to make up your mind right now, that from this moment on you will be open to change, and willing to venture past the familiar in order to get where you want to go.

In the deepest service and love, I am here to walk with you, not do it for you <3 :)

3. Optional: pick your favorite body/organ cleanse and/or do a fast of your choice to jumpstart your transformation.


See you in the group!


With Unconditional Love, 


Ashley, The Ancestral Activator

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