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Unleash Your Inner Power with Blue Dragon Medical Qigong
Transform Your Health and Well-being with Ancient Wisdom and Dynamic Movement

Welcome to a transformative experience that combines ancient wisdom with the energizing power of dance. Blue Dragon Medical Qigong class offers you a unique opportunity to engage in the original Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong form, enriched with a special dance class designed for deep emotional release.

What is Blue Dragon Medical Qigong?


This practice is more than just a series of movements. It's a journey into self-awareness and healing, blending traditional Qigong with dynamic dance steps that help release emotions stored in the body, leading to profound physical and mental health benefits.

Why Choose Blue Dragon Medical Qigong?

Deeply Rooted in Tradition

Learn the original Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong form, a practice steeped in centuries of healing wisdom. Achieve mind-body harmony - a state of inner peace and balance through standing meditation and focused movement.

Emotional Release Through Dance

Experience a unique extension of Qigong with dance movements that foster emotional healing and release within the physical body. Releasing pent-up emotions for a lighter, freer you.

Medical Benefits Backed by Science

Qigong is more than just movement; it's a healing art that has been shown to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, and lymphatic functions, enhancing overall health and vitality.

Transform Your Weekends into a Gateway to Wellness

Join Us Every Saturday and (Sunday starting soon) for a Two-Hour Session of Rejuvenation and Joy

First Hour - Engage in the gentle, yet powerful,

Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong form.

Enhance Energy Flow

Cultivate and balance your life force, or 'Qi', through gentle, flowing movements.

Improve Physical Health

Boost your immune system, increase flexibility, and strengthen muscles.

Promote Mental Clarity

Experience standing meditation to calm the mind and sharpen focus.

Second Hour - Dance your way to freedom

Experience dance moves that encourage emotional release and physical rejuvenation.

Unlock Emotional Well-being

Dance movements tailored to release emotional blockages and elevate mood.

Connect with Your Body

Learn to listen and respond to your body's needs, fostering a deep sense of self-awareness.

Community and Support

Share the experience with a community of like-minded individuals, all on their journey to better health.


Who is This For?


This program is perfect for anyone seeking to:


Find a natural and holistic way to improve physical and emotional health.



Embrace a practice that combines the serenity of Qigong with the vitality of dance.



Join a supportive community focused on health and well-being.

Benefits Await You:


Strengthen Your Body:

Enhance your physical health in ways you never imagined.

Release Emotional Tensions:

Let go of emotional baggage through expressive dance.

Connect Deeply with Yourself:

Standing meditation to bring clarity and inner peace.

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Transform your life with the power of Blue Dragon Medical Qigong.
I can't wait to welcome you to our community and witness your journey to a healthier, happier you!
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Disclaimer: Scientific research supports the potential of qigong in promoting overall health and addressing various diseases. However, it's important to note that qigong should complement, not replace, conventional medical treatments for specific health conditions. Individuals should consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance on managing their health concerns.

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Benefits of Blue Dragon Medical Qigong Dancing

History and Benefits of Blue Dragon Medical Qigong

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